Saturday, April 4, 2009

too long...

it's been too long since i've been here. so i come back tonight, yet with very little to say. so much has happened in my life over the past couple of months but if i tried to put it all into words there would be much silence. my experiences have not been in tangible form. just changing emotions and transforming mindsets. i continue to be brought to a deeper level of neutrality, silence and waiting. i feel so much growth MUST be taking place. not that i see the results yet but for all that i've walked through, i know it is nothing else but God's hand in my life. i think this is a pruning stage. so i have not necessarily grown "taller" just been cleaned up a little, still a part of the overall growing process. He is doing this as i grow older and now is the time to make my faith my own, which i feel has happened.

i am still waiting and watching, having faith that the salvation of the Lord is near at hand. for i know it is good to wait silently on the Lord. i must be broken before Him. as clay in my Potter's hands, if i am not constantly molded and pounded down, i will become hard and immobile. daily my Master must break me. i rejoice constantly that i was set apart before the foundation of the world to be His own, an adopted child and a bought bride, bought with a precious, precious price. i am not redeemed by corruptible things, not by silver, not by gold, and not by aimless tradition. but with the lifeblood of my beautiful heavenly bridegroom who is preparing our home where we will reign together and live with no more pain and no more tears forever more! amen! come Lord Jesus, come!